Club Records

To hold any record for the club is something any swimmer should be proud of. Some of the names listed here have gone on to hold British records and compete at the very highest levels of International Competition.

If you feel you should be included and have not been, please submit your details including name, the event including age group, the gala/meet along with date and the qualifying time to

Every effort is taken to provide correct information at time of publishing but we rely on parents and swimmers to point us in the right direction. Please do not think any swimmer has been ommited deliberately.

NOTE: In an effort to automate the updating of the club records a complete review of records was carried out on 11th December 2017 to make sure that the existing records were correct. Some corrections have been made. For each record links have been added to the swimming results website to the record holders swim history for that event and also the meet results for the club. New records since 11th December will be updated shortly.