National Squad

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Training Times

Monday, Tuesday, Friday 5.45am - 7.45am & Saturday 6.00am - 9.00am

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 4.30pm - 6.30pm

Tuesday 4.30pm - 7.00pm

Friday 5.00 - 6.00pm

Land Training Times

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 6.30pm - 7.00pm

Tuesday 7.00 - 7.30pm


Tom Harforth

Tom Harforth

I started my coaching career as the Assistant Head Coach in 2011 here at Middlesbrough, where I worked under Lisa Bates. During this time I worked with the National Age Group Squad where my aim was to develop the Age Groupers and assist their transition to youth/senior athletes.
In 2014 I became the Head Coach of Middlesbrough ASC and by implementing my coaching philosophy into the programme, I changed the club squad structure to facilitate progression and allow swimmers to maximise their own potential.

Since becoming a swimming coach I firmly believe that my role is similar to that of a Bus Driver; My job is to transport a group of individuals to where they want to be.

I believe that this swimming club will continue to grow under my leadership as we have a strong group of Swimmers, coaches, parents, committee members and volunteers that are willing to work together and be a family.