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MASC Handbook

Middlesbrough ASC Handbook 2017

Swimmers Code Of Conduct

MASC Swimmers Code Of Conduct 2018.docx

Parent/Guardian Code Of Conduct

MASC Parents Guardian Code Of Conduct 2018.docx

Volunteer Code of Conduct

MASC Volunteer Code of Conduct 2018.docx

Coach Code of Conduct

MASC Coach Code of Conduct 2018.docx

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Volunteering Social Media Guide

Volunteering Social Media Guide.pdf

Squad Structure and Development

The squad structure is designed with the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) in mind. The model has been developed by British Swimming, who are currently reaping the rewards of the programme implemented 14 years ago.

Easter Training 2018

2018021 Easter Training 2018.docx

Membership Form

MASC Membership form 2018 (for new members).docx

Membership Form - Renewal

MASC Renewal Form 2018 (for exsisting members).docx

Volunteer Form

MASC Volunteer Form 2018.docx

Coach Form

MASC Coach Form 2018.docx

Gala Entry Form

MASC Gala Entry Form.pdf

How to enter galas

MASC Galas and How to enter.pdf


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WP Guidance.pdf

Templates & Forms

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WP Index.pdf

Swim England

Swim England Link

LInk to the Swimming Results website

Fina Rules

FINA Rules for 2017 to 2021

Swim England Data Protection Notice

Swim England Data Protection Notice.pdf

Protocols for Child Safeguarding Investigations

Protocols for Child Safeguarding Investigations

ASA Swim England Handbook 2017

ASA Swim England Handbook 2017

British Swimming Equality Act 2010

BS Equality Act 2010.pdf

Child Welfare Complaints Procedure

Child Welfare Complaints Procedure.pdf

Child Power Leaflet

Child Power Leaflet.pdf

Good Club Guide Welfare Officer

Good Club Guide- Welfare Officer.pdf