Please familiarise yourself with the Back to Pool Swimmer and Parent Guidance

We have some walk through videos so you know what to expect when you arrive at the pool

Neptune Arrival

Safe distancing procedure for arrival at the Neptune Centreplay

Neptune Departure

Safe distancing procedure for departure from the Neptune Centreplay

Neptune process

The safe distancing process for swimming at the Neptune Centreplay

Rainbow Process

The safe distancing process for swimming at the Rainbow Centreplay

The health questionnaire and Swim England Declaration MUST be completed and returned to your team manager before any swimmer can be admitted to the pool.

All returning swimmers have been emailed these. Thank you to those that have returned them already. Copies are available here Declaration and here Health Survey

Latest Guidance

As you will be aware from the recent news, Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas are currently under the government’s Tier 2 Covid measures and are likely to be moved to Tier 3 soon. This is as a result of the infection rates remaining high in the area and we are now seeing more swimmers needing to isolate following close contact.

The Club is currently reviewing all its Risk Assessments and processes and will advise you if we need to change anything, however, can we please reinforce the following in the meantime:

  • MASKS (1) – please can you make sure you provide your swimmer with a mask to wear and stress the importance of wearing it. There are still a number of swimmers who wear it under their chin, or not at all and the CLOs are having to continue to remind swimmers to wear one.
  • MASKS (2) – CLOs, can we please ask you to wear a mask/face covering at all times and remain a 2 metre distance from the swimmers as this will provide a protection to both yourself and the swimmers.
  • FOOD – can we please ask that no food is eaten poolside as this needs the children to remove masks which then goes on to them sharing their food (which under normal circumstances is admirable), but increases the risk of infecting each other. We are aware of children being asymptomatic carriers and are doing our best in trying to limit the transfer of the virus where we can.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING – now more important than ever. The CLOs are still running the battle of getting the children to social distance, especially on entry to the pool. We are aware that children are keen to meet up with their friends and share things with each other, but currently we really do need them to practice social distancing. Can we please ask you again to discuss the importance of social distancing with your swimmer in a way you feel appropriate. This applies even when in their bubbles.
  • ISOLATION (1) – If your swimmer starts to feel unwell and is displaying the coronavirus symptoms, can you please follow the Club’s policy of removing your swimmer from training and seeking further medical advice. In this instance can you please let the Covid19 Lead officer know using this link Covid19officer as there are further steps we need to take within the Club of advising and monitoring other swimmers.
  • ISOLATION (2) – Can we please request that if you have sought a Covid19 test for your swimmer, you notify the Club of the results (whether positive or negative) on the Covid19 Officer email address as we need to record this and put appropriate steps in place where necessary.
  • ISOLATION (3) – Can we please request that if you (coaches, CLOs or other poolside volunteers) or your swimmer have been asked to self-isolate following close contact with a Covid+ case, can you please notify the Covid19 Lead using this link Covid19officer and provide dates of your isolation period as we need this information for Track and Trace if an event was ever to occur.

Also, the Club has spent time considering if we can now use the Changing Rooms and have decided that this is still not practicable at the moment. To use the Changing Rooms we would have to rely on the CLOs being prepared to stay back for a longer period (which is not achievable on some sessions) and would need more CLOs than we currently have to assist with marshalling; logistically it would be quite complicated too. In addition, Changing Villages are still classed as high infection zones and we are still minimising our risk currently. We will of course review this again in the New Year.

We appreciate there is so much information to take in, but we are asking you to help the Club in being Covid-secure. These are trying times for all of us and we want to keep the kids in the water as much as we can.

Many thanks and stay safe!