The ‘ideal’ swimming parent

10 things you can do as part of being the ‘ideal’ swimming parent.

Stays relaxed and positive during competition and is equally
supportive regardless of the outcome.

Understands the demands of the swimming.

Gives their child space and talks about other things
after a bad performance.

Works closely with the coach and leaves the analysis of the race or
competition to them. Any analysis you do have you talk through with the

Sees beyond winning and losing and recognizes the performance and
the experience for their child.

Believes in their child but is also realistic about where they are and
where they could go.

Gives their child ownership and responsibility by allowing their child’s
opinion and thoughts to be heard and valued.

Is aware of the damage of self-fulfilling prophecies such as–
“You never win when its close”, “You’re too slow” “You don’t have
that winning mentality ”. These can help to create that situation in
the future.

Keeps in mind the bigger picture and understands why they are
investing in their child’s sport and all the benefits their child get from it.

Recognises that they are a parent first and foremost and that sometimes, that is all their child wants and needs them to be

Source: Child Protection in Sport Unit (2017). Further information also available: