Galas and How to Enter

Gala​ ​Types

Swimming competitions (Galas) fall into several different categories:-

  • National
  • Regional (North East Region, referred to as NER’s)
  • County (Northumberland and Durham, referred to as N & D’s)
  • Open (Level 1 & 2) – Club Run Meets
  • Graded (Level 3 & 4) – Club Run Meets

Note that for National, Regional, County, Level 1 and Level 2 Galas the swimmer must have achieved the desired qualifying times in order to compete. These times can be achieved at Open and Graded Gala’s and the times achieved must be on rankings.

Gala​ ​Levels

Galas are aimed at different levels of swimmers and generally fall into 4 levels:-
● Level​ ​1​ ​Meet​ – is aimed at National qualifiers, or swimmers that are close to National qualification, who are looking to achieve National qualifying times.
● Level​ ​2​ ​Meet​ – is aimed at County qualifiers and swimmers who are looking to achieve Regional or National qualifying times.
● Level​ ​3​ ​Meet​ ​–​ ​is aimed at swimmers looking to achieve County and above qualifications and are for all swimmers whose times are below the upper qualifying time.
● Level​ ​4​ ​Meet​ – is aimed at swimmers looking to achieve County qualification and are for all swimmers below County level.

How​ ​to​ ​Enter

The Club will issue a Gala Calendar at the beginning of each season and it will be updated as more Gala dates are released. The Calendar will be put on the website and on the notice board.

The Head Coach determines which squads are to attend which gala and this will be noted on the Competition Calendar.

Check the programme of events to see how the events run for your age group. Your Coach will be able to advise on the events you should be entering.
Check if you have achieved the qualifying standards and fall within the upper and/or lower qualifying time limit for each event. Remember to use Long Course (50m) or Short Course (25m) times appropriate to the Gala being entered.

Where necessary use Sports System Equivalent Time Converter to convert your times. (LC to SC or SC to LC)

Fill out a MASC Gala Entry Form, obtained from the notice board or MASC website. Include all​ ​the information requested :

  • Name of Gala Entered
  • Swimmer Name
  • Age on day or at 31 December dependent on the Gala Conditions
  • Date of Birth
  • ASA Number
  • Gender
  • Squad
  • Time/ Gala where achieved and date achieved

DO​ ​NOT​ ​enter quicker times than have been achieved as this is embarrassing to the swimmer and will only end in rejection.

Training times will only be accepted if the squad coach has signed the gala form and will only be entered if the Gala entry file allows edited times. Times will be pulled from rankings as per the Host Gala conditions.

Please email all completed entry files to [email protected]. Please title your email in the format: name/gala. For example JBloggs/NERs. Note that this will be earlier than the Host Club official closing date as it
takes a great deal of time to prepare the entries to be submitted.

The closing date will have been carefully thought about to ensure that as up to date times as possible will be on rankings. Please do not query the closing date.


Payment direct bank transfer to MASC account is preferred.

Cheques must be made payable to “MASC”.

Entry forms will not be accepted incomplete or without payment in full.

It is the responsibility of each swimmer to ensure that their entry forms are fully completed and emailed over before the closing date and time, with the relevant entry fees prior to the MASC closing date. LATE entries will not be

Payments for away galas must include the additional fee of £3 which goes towards the Coaches poolside passes, travel and accommodation.
Acceptances will be posted on the notice board and MASC website when published by the host club.

All gala details are issued by the Host Clubs and on occasion are subject to change by the Host Club. MASC are neither responsible nor liable for any such changes and it is the responsibility of the swimmer and their parent to check the Host Club websites for any amendments.

Once entries are received by the Competition Secretary and processed we are unable​ ​to credit/​ ​refund​ ​any​ ​withdrawals​ for Home or Away galas.

The Club will not refund for entries that are made outside of the conditions set by the host club i.e. training times for level 2 galas.

The Host Club alone may, at their discretion, grant refunds in exceptional circumstances, that is their decision alone and MASC has no influence over the matter.

Please note that the County and Region do not, in the main, refund any entered swims regardless of health issues.

Please do not embarrass yourself or Club representatives by asking for refunds.

Host Clubs are not, under any circumstance, to be contacted by swimmers or parents. Any correspondence should be referred to the Competition Secretary.

If you experience any difficulties whatsoever filling out a gala form, converting times or don’t understand what races can be entered, please speak to your Coach who will either help you themselves or direct you to one of the more experienced parents in the Club