Our vision

Vision Statement:

At Middlesbrough Amateur Swimming Club, we are proud of our long history of developing swimmers and producing champions.

Since we were founded, over one hundred years ago, we have been dedicated to promoting the sport of swimming in our community and providing opportunities for swimmers of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential.

Our vision is to build on this legacy by continuing to create an environment that fosters a love for the sport, instils the values of discipline, hard work, and perseverance, and inspires our swimmers to become their best selves.

We recognise that our success is rooted in our commitment to excellence, innovation, and inclusivity, and we will continue to uphold these values as we look towards the future.

As we strive to be recognized as a leading swimming club, both locally and nationally, we remain committed to providing a safe and supportive community where every swimmer can thrive, just as we have for many years.

Mission Statement:

“At Middlesbrough Swimming Club, our mission is to provide a comprehensive swimming program that caters to swimmers with a range of abilities from swimming lesson level to elite to masters.

We are committed to fostering a safe, inclusive and supportive environment where swimmers can develop their skills, achieve their personal bests and cultivate a lifelong love of swimming.

Our programme includes both competitive and non-competitive training options, allowing swimmers to pursue their goals at their own pace and level.

 We strive to create a culture of excellence, teamwork, respect and sportsmanship, and to empower our members to become confident, resilient and well-rounded individuals both in and out of the pool.

We believe that parents play an essential role in supporting their children’s swimming journey, and we expect them to model positive and respectful behaviour towards coaches, volunteers, officials and other parents.

We are dedicated to the ongoing professional development of our coaches, volunteers and staff, and to promoting the benefits of swimming to the wider community.”