Code of Conduct – Swimmers

General Behaviour

1.  I will treat all members of, and persons associated with MASC and the ASA with due dignity and respect.

2.  I will treat everyone equally and never discriminate against another person associated with MASC and the ASA on any grounds including that of age, sexual orientation, gender, faith, ethnic origin or nationality.

3.  I understand that the use of inappropriate or abusive and foul language, bullying, harassment, or physical violence will not be tolerated and could result in action being taken through the disciplinary or child welfare policies.

4.  I will display a high standard of behaviour at all times.

5.  I will not cause disharmony amongst swimmers, parents, members of the coaching team or others involved in MASC.

6.  I will always report any poor behaviour by others to an appropriate officer or member of staff.

7.  I will recognise and celebrate the good performance and success of fellow club and team members.

8.  I will respect the privacy of others and respect members of the public, especially in the use of changing facilities. 


1.  I will treat my coach and fellow members with respect.

2.  I will make my coach aware if I have difficulties in attending training sessions as per the rules laid down for my squad.

3.  I will arrive in good time on poolside before the training session starts to complete poolside warm up as directed by my coach.

4.  I understand that if I arrive late, I must report to my coach before entering the pool.

5.  I will ensure that I have all of my equipment with me, e.g. paddles, kick boards, hats, goggles, etc.

6.  If I need to leave the pool for any reason during training, I will inform my coach before doing so.

7.  I will listen to what my coach is telling me at all times and obey any instructions given.

8.  I will always swim to the wall as I would do in a race, and I will practice turns as instructed.

9.  I will not stop and stand in the lane, or obstruct others from completing their training.

10.  I will not pull on the ropes as this may injure other members.

11.  I will not skip lengths or sets – to do so means I would only be cheating myself.

12.  I will think about what I am doing during training, and if I have any problems, I will discuss them with my coach at an appropriate time.

13.  If I have any problems with the behaviour of fellow members, I will report them at the time to an appropriate adult.


1.  At competitions, whether they are open meets, national events or club galas, I will always behave in a manner that shows respect to my coach, the officers, my team mates and the members of all competing organisations.

2.  I understand that I will be required to attend events and galas that the coaches have entered/selected me for, unless agreed otherwise by prior arrangement with the relevant official and coach.

3.  I understand that I must wear appropriate swimwear, MASC tracksuits, T-shirts, shorts and hats as per the rules laid down by the organisation

4.  I will report to my coach and/or team manager on arrival on poolside.

5.  I will warm up before the event as directed by the coach in charge on that day and ensure I fully prepare myself for the race.

6.  I will be part of the team. This means I will stay with the team on poolside.

7.  If I have to leave poolside for any reason, I will inform, and in some cases, get the consent of the team manager/coach before doing so.

8.  Before my race, I will report to my coach for discussion and then go directly to the designated marshalling area.

9.  After my race, I will firstly report to my coach for feedback and follow any instructions given by my coach e.g. going straight to the swim down facility.  My behaviour in the swim down facility must be appropriate and respectful to other users at all times.

10.  I will support my team mates. Everyone likes to be supported and they will be supporting me in return.

11.  I will never leave an event until either the gala is complete or I have the explicit agreement of the coach or team manager.

Breaches in the Code of Conduct

Please read and take note of the MASC Behaviour and Discipline Policy to understand how the code is implemented and used across the club.

Middlesbrough Amateur Swimming Club (MASC) is committed to a club environment in which all members participating in its activities have a safe and positive experience, that quality teaching and training can take place, and training happens in a fun and secure atmosphere.

The Code of Conduct is in place to help everyone understand what is expected when you are part of the club (Codes also exist for coaches and parents). 

Middlesbrough Amateur Swimming Club

Swimmers Code of Conduct continued…..


Breaches of Code of Conduct shall be dealt with in the first instance by the Team Manager or Coach/Teacher present.  He/she shall take further action as deemed necessary in liaison with the appropriate club personnel at the various levels dependent upon the level of the sanction.  These Sanctions are not intended to humiliate or make an example of a child.  The aim is to help the child think about his/her actions and take responsibility.

Stage 1 – Verbal sanctions

Stage 2 – Loss of training time.  The swimmer will be sent to get changed and to report to the coach in charge, this may result in an informal discussion with parents.

Stage 3 – Formal discussions with parents resulting in a structured plan of action to curtail the child’s behaviour.  This stage may involve Executive Committee members.


Aims to ensure consistency throughout the club to monitor the effectiveness of the policy on swimmers behaviour and attitudes.

The club monitors the implementation of the behaviour policy in the following ways reviewing and evaluating policy and procedure annually.

  • A record of incidents to be kept regarding individual swimmer.
  • Teaching, coaching staff regularly discuss individual behaviour concerns with chairperson.
  • Individual plans reviewed to monitor and to measure effectiveness of strategies put in place to moderate behaviour.
  • Examples of behaviour – Listed below


Moderate Interrupting
Being impolite
Talking when the teacher/coach is talking
Annoying other people
Ignoring poolside / changing room / land training rules
Not following adults directions
Being too noisy  
Serious Answering back to the teacher / coach
Hitting someone in temper – overreacting
Spitefulness and being unkind in language and actions
General antisocial behaviour i.e. lack of social skills
Causing disharmony  
Obscene language or gestures
Wilfully disobeying the teacher / coach
Arguing with the teacher
Stealing from another child or adult
Damaging property
Verbal / physical bullying
Racist language and remarks
Putting the club in disrepute