Our Partners

Our Partners

This year we have been very busy at MASC, continuing to forge links with a number of amazing local providers, to ensure all our swimmers aren’t just fulfilling their potential in the water, but on dry land too. Here at MASC we are committed to the development and success of the whole swimmer, and as such we would like to thank the following organisations in helping us achieve our goals and for their continued contributions and support to our club.

EveryoneActive -Neptune & Rainbow LC

Everyone Active, at The Neptune Centre, is a crucial cog in the mechanics of the day to day training for our swimmers, and provides an inclusive training package, from the pool, to the gym, to bespoke land training spaces. In recent weeks our swimmers have been enjoying a new addition to their strength and conditioning package with some spinning classes, where the expression “on your bike” has never been so enthusiastically received by our youngsters.

Middlesbrough College

Since 2022 we have joined forces with Middlesbrough college, extending the potential for all our swimmers to access additional facilities at their site. While the college provides state of the art facilities for land training and gym sessions, designed specifically for our swimmers, MASC offers in return the opportunity for college swimmers to train with our Masters, and the opportunity to gain valuable work experience at the club too.

Teesside University

MASC is also collaborating with Teesside University, offering their university students access to our facilities, a great opportunity for swimmers to keep doing the sport they love into adulthood. Another example of our dedication to ensuring our sport is accessible to everyone at any time in their life.

DML Sports Therapy

We have also been pleased to welcome to the team DML Sports Therapy, where our swimmers can access specialist physiotherapy on site, which provides targeted support as and when required. We are proud to offer this excellent service to all our swimmers and are currently the only club in Teesside with this additional club benefit.

Happy Cactus Coaching

Alongside maintaining and improving the physical fitness of all our swimmers we also strive to ensure the mental health of each individual is supported. “Happy Cactus” a local mental health provider, has been an invaluable addition to our team, offering our youngsters a tailored package of workshops with mental health and well-being at the core of their sessions, helping our swimmers develop resilience and confidence in their daily lives.

NESS Swimwear

Over the years we have also been pleased to support a local retail firm NessSwimwear, who continue to provide excellent quality swimming kit online and at our galas, at discounted prices. A great opportunity for swimmers and their parents to bag a bargain!

The Teesside Family Foundation

Recently we have been thrilled to have been awarded a grant from The Teesside Family Foundation, and we hope this will be the start of a long term partnership in supporting our club, which we are proud to claim is one of Middlesbrough’s oldest grassroots sports clubs since 1886. We look forward to welcoming Tony Wedlake, a trustee of TTFF – whose slogan and hashtag is #WELOOKAFTEROUROWN. A motto that is at the heart of our club too. Tony said:

“We are looking forward to supporting the MASC for the next three years, taking our mascot Teesside Ted to galas and presenting trophies to the swimmers.” We’ll see you soon Tony and Teesside Ted!

I am sure you will agree it has been a very busy time at MASC HQ, and we look forward to building on our recent successes at the club while ensuring our swimmers continue to enjoy and thrive in the sport they love.