Coach Training

Ten tips for age group programs

Ten requirements for age group programs to be engaging, effective and supportive.

Core Skills

Technique and core skills are perfected before adding intensity to training


Prioritize development over winning. Create a culture and environment focused on long term success


Learn through play with your younger swimmers. Let them experiment and have fun. Create a genuine love of the sport!


Encourage your swimmers to participate in multiple sports to help build all-round physical literacy.


Create independent and autonomous swimmers who are capable of good decision making and self-regulation.

Development Window

Ensure training is appropriate for the age/stage of their development. If you jump ahead it can become difficult to back-track later.


Create humble athletes that are eager to learn. Humility is the foundation of learning.


Ensure that your program is a fun place to be. If your swimmers are not having fun with you, they will find somewhere else or another sport where they can.


Teach your swimmers appropriate life skills. It is easier to build strong performance behaviours once they are in place.


Engage the parents in your club. Tell them what you are doing and why, so they understand the journey their children are on.