eating Tips

Eating at competitions

The nutritional demands of a swim meet are quite different to a normal training day.  You should carefully consider what and when you are eating in order to maximise your racing performance.

Here’s a quick guide of nutrition Do’s and Don’ts on race day

Quality and timing counts

Race day isn’t an excuse to eat junk food and low quality snacks.  Continue to focus on nutrient-dense foods just as you would at home.

Unless you are swimming multiple events or rounds in the same day then your energy needs will probably be lower than a training day.

Don’t leave things to chance.   Bring snacks/meals with you and always know where you can access good quality food close to the pool.

Don’t cram cereal bars and energy drinks just before you race.  These won’t have time to digest and may cause stomach upset.

Milk, smoothies and juices can be great sources of nutrition if you are nervous and don’t feel comfortable eating.

Always trial new foods in training first, never on race day.

Eat more after you race instead of before.   Your biggest meal of the day should be at the end of the day after you have finished racing.

Keep sipping on water throughout the meet.  You will lose a lot of fluid even when not racing.